Burglary insuranace

We offer Burglary Insurance as part of an overall package to cater to your insurance requirements. Burglary Insurance covers burglary or housebreaking accompanied by either forcible or violent entry into/ exit from the premises and hold-up.
Burglary Insurance is for :
  • Machinery
  • Stock in trade
  • Furniture, fixtures & fittings
  • Goods held in trust or on commission for which the insured is responsible.

Silent Feature :
Broadly speaking any kind of movable property like stock, stock-in-trade, goods in trust, plant and machinery, fixture, fittings etc. can be covered under Burglary Business Premises Policy so long these are reasonably protected.

Scope of Cover :
The Policy covers loss or damage to property by theft following burglary or housebreaking which means that to establish a claim there must be visible signs of felonious entry or exit from the premises by violent and forcible means.

Premier Rating :
1. Cash and/or Valuable in Locked Deposit Vaults/Strong Room of Banks and Safe Deposits            0.125%
2. Cash and/or Valuables in Locked Standard Burglary Resisting Safes other than above                  0.30%
3. Cash in Locked Cash Box in Locked Cupboard not exceeding Rs.2500/-                                      0.50%
4. Heavy stock (like Machinery) and other bulky goods                                                                   0.20% to 3.5%
5. Curious, Liquor, Metals, Motor, Vehicle Parts, Pens, Photographic Suppliers
    and Studios, Readymade Garments, Radios & T.V. Sets and the like including
    Articles of High Value in small compass                                                                                        0.50% to 0.75%
6. Other General Goods 0.25% to 0.50%
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